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Forming your business from the ground up with the end in mind.

All start-ups have great ideas and only a few have the skills to turn those great ideas into a sustainable, profitable business. Often, start-ups have great products but the roadblocks are the path to market, raising capital, people management and reporting systems. A  great mentor is the first place to start, a Peer Advisory Board is the next level. As you succeed, a stand alone Advisory Board where we will find the right people to nurture your idea to success.

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Prioritise time, capital, people and strategy to meet your growth goals.

Growing businesses are great fun, but they come with hidden risks. Growing businesses can quickly overcome the available cash, talent and business systems. A mentor/coach is the first place to start. Then you should join my Peer Advisory Board to sit with people in your circumstance. Finally, as you achieve success, an Advisory Board will bring you growth and dominance in your market.

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Turn Around

Your business has hit a ceiling of growth and you want to break through it.

Your business has been going the wrong way and you want to turn it on to the right path. It may be a whole new path that requires a strategic reset. Start with a coach to get help with your strategy and building capacity in your people. Test it with your peers in my Peer Advisory Board. Then, the ultimate turnaround strategy is when we form your own Advisory Board.

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You have just bought another company that aligns and you want to make them succeed together.

Your goal is to create value from your merger. However, you know that 85% of mergers destroy value.  It is a careful pathway to merge culture and systems. You will have to think carefully and the best way to do that is together. A coach and mentor is the entry level but you will need more. My Peer Advisory Board is useful and the ultimate is an Advisory Board designed to meet the goals of the new merged entity.

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You want the business to survive and prosper over time.

You will have read Simon Senek's book 'The Infinite Game'. You want to build a business that can thrive over time. This solid and timeless business requires specified skills and processes. You will need help with the strategic & communication challenges as the business passes through the generations. As always, start with a mentor but you will benefit greatly from a Peer Advisory Board. Finally, we will need a professional Advisory Board that is tailored to your long term ambition.

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You want to shoot the lights out.

You want your business ready for sale and you want to achieve its full value. It may be a trade sale, new capital partners or an IPO. We will need to find the experienced people to form an Advisory Board that will guide you to the end game and leave nothing in doubt.

Words from a Start Up

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike as my start up grew into a legitimate business. He helped me take my idea and let it become a sustainable business.
Mike has the ability to help the business owner get out of the business so you can truly see what need to be seen. 
Mike gave me the tools to have the conversations in the top end of town which has been invaluable. ”    

Edwina Sharrock, Birthbeat.

Telstra Small Businesswoman of the Year 2019.

Words from a Growing Business

"Mike Chairs our Advisory Board.  He helped us:

  • Strategy - Because we all agreed with the strategy there is now no tension.
  • Clarity - over strategy means we are all clear on where are going - if we act in line with the strategy nobody can get upset.
  • Decision making is easy - does it line up with our strategy? Where does it sit in our agreed matrix?
  • Role clarity - defined roles suited to our skillset - just because you are an owner doesn't mean you are the best person to do certain roles.
  • Being clear on what decisions are made at the board means no one person is hung out to dry.

We have doubled revenue and multiplied net profit by 10."

Ben Lee. REAQUA.

Words from a Rebuild

Mike helped our business grow and helped me achieve my personal goals.

We went on to win awards.

Mitch Hanlon, Hanlons Consulting

Words from an Infinite

He understands the challenges that business owners and business leaders face on a daily basis. The insight that he brings, the connections that he has in the business world, the advice he has provided on strategy and future-proofing my business has been inspirational.

Mike stretches and challenges us which we all need from time to time. Best of all, Mike makes it fun. For anyone who is looking to grow, change or improve their businesses and themselves, I would recommend Mike as the person to assist them to make it happen.

Peter Ryan, Inland Technology

Words from an Exit

I've had the absolute pleasure and privileged of being mentored by Mike Logan since taking on my role as CEO of Edval Education back in 2018. Mike has been an extremely valuable source of knowledge, wisdom, business advice and experience both during the good times and the hard times. He's always been available and present in mind during our meetings.

Mike genuinely cares for his clients, their business goals and their personal health and wellbeing. I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing Mike for leadership coaching and mentoring in the areas of strategy, risk, governance, people and working with boards.

Michael Emmanuel. Edval Education. Sold in trade sale.

A word from an Exit

I recently sold my Warehouse and Distribution business of 20 years . Mike was instrumental in providing me with the clarity and an objectivity I needed to make such a life changing decision. Mike guided me through the process from start to finish by simply asking the questions that needed to be asked and providing me with impartial advice and support.

The positive impact that this decision has made on work-life balance, family, relationships and my health cannot be underrated, and I’m grateful for Mike’s role in this.

Warwick Teale

XL Express, General Manager

Workshop participant

Amazing presentation - I have learnt so much - I have tools now to implement these types of conversations across the business to make this the new normal of problem solving. Thank you - the time went so fast - could have listened and learnt for longer.



Workshop participant

It was a pleasure to be a part of your training session yesterday. You helped my growth in a really meaningful way and I'm really grateful.

Jocellin Jansson

TEC Chair